Cumer Yussuf Ahmed (Omer Shaafi)

Author @ Danta Derbi-jiifka Yaa Dayacay?

My name is Omer Yussuf Ahmed (Omer Shaafi). I was born in Galgala, Bari, Somalia in 1994. I grew up in Bosaso, Bari, Somalia. I attended my primary and intermediate school at Ugas-Yasin School in Bosaso. I studied my secondary school until form three in Bosaso. I moved to Borama and I finished my secondary at Sh.Ali Jawhar Secondary School in Borama.

In 2011-2012 I graduated diploma in Project Management & Community Development at Vision International College in Bosaso. In 2012-2013 I graduated Diploma in Public Administration at University of Bosaso in Bosaso. In 2013-2014 I graduated Diploma in Peachtree Accounting at Al-Jazeera Technology in Borama. 2014-2015 I graduated diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship in Alison Online Courses in Ireland through online. Now, I am studying Amoud University Faculty of Economics and Political science, I also, I study Faculty of Education at Amoud University.

I wrote my first Somali Book called Danta Derbi-jiifka Yaa Dayacay? I briefly discussed the problems and the causes faced the children without shelter. Also, I wrote many articles talking about the society and motivating youth. I interest to speak the silent people.