Asli Ahmed Mohamoud

Author/Poet @ Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA)

Asli Ahmed Mohamoud is an active member of the Puntland Women Writers Association (PWWA). She graduated from the Lafoole College of Education year 1989, she is a seasoned development expert and team leader with over 15 years of managing complex programs in Somalia with special expertise in working in peace building, conflict mitigation and capacity building of civil society organizations. Ms. Asli Ahmed is intimately familiar with the issues and concerns with peace building programs having worked as a Program Manager for the Civil Society, from March 2007 – April 2009, which included civil society strengthening, media sector development and engagement with the diaspora. During this time Asli oversaw the cross-sectoral program in collaboration with the Ministries of Planning, International Cooperation, Information, Culture and Tourism and Governors and Mayors of all districts of Puntland state of Somalia.

During this period, Asli participated in many seminars and workshops related leadership, human management, program development, she also participated in the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVL) under a program called Women as Political Leaders of Africa (Somalia representative), Asli visited different states in the US including Washington, California, Minneapolis and Arkansas through the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs. Asli completed 2 year peace building and leadership funded by the USA government in Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia July 2010-Dec 2013

Asli deals with women empowerment and participation in political and decision making, peace building and women’s leadership in Somalia. Asli is also a member of the Gender and Diversity Group in Somalia. Asli has been a recipient of a number of awards, including Puntland President’s Award (2010), design of Puntland state Emblem and CARE Somalia and South Sudan Drumbeat Excellence Award for the excellent work done in “Making a Difference in the Lives of People All Over the World”.